Traffic Violations Defense Attorney in Virginia Beach

Traffic Violations AttorneyVirginia Beach traffic attorney Patricia Hardt has represented numerous drivers who received a traffic summons. You have a few decisions to make if you receive a traffic summons. Attorney Hard will advise you on the best course of action to take. Attorney Hardt will give you all of the personal attention you require to make an informed decision. There is more at stake than merely paying a fine. Pleading guilty to a traffic violation has serious collateral consequences of which you must be aware.

You have a right to fight the allegations in court. Representing yourself may be a mistake. You have the right to representation by a qualified attorney who will fight for your rights and help reduce your exposure to the adverse consequences attendant with a conviction for a traffic offense.

Virginia traffic attorney Patricia Hardt will be by your side the entire time fighting for your rights.

The Virginia State Police have been busy. According to the Virginia State Police website, the agency issued almost 500,000 summonses for traffic violations. More specifically, the state Police summoned to court well over 100,000 drivers for speeding in 2015 statewide. Additionally, they issued over 60,000 summonses for reckless driving and over 10,000 seatbelt violations in 2015. The Virginia State Police also made almost 5,000 arrests for driving under the influence. These statistics do not indicate how many motor vehicle stops they made and only issued warnings. Importantly, the statistics do not include summonses issued by local and county law enforcement. Interestingly, the Virginia State Police claims a 92% conviction rate on their website.

Receiving a summons for a traffic violation for speeding, reckless driving, or a seatbelt violation might theoretically remind you to drive more safely. Just getting stopped should remind you and everyone else on the road should drive safely and there are consequences for failing to follow the law.

Getting a traffic summons has repercussions beyond paying the statutory fine. You could have points assessed against your insurance that will increase your insurance premiums. Additionally, your driver’s license could be suspended if you acquire too many points in a short period of time. CDL drivers may lose their livelihood if they are convicted for a traffic violation.

What Do You Do If You Receive A Traffic Summons?

Attorney Patricia Hardt recommends that you consider following these steps if you get a Virginia traffic summons. At the outset, you should always be polite to the officer. You should try to remain calm. It is natural to be nervous when encountering a police officer. However, try not to let your emotions get out of control. You do not have to speak with them. You are obligated to provide a valid driver’s license and proof of insurance or financial responsibility to the officer. Otherwise, you do not need to say a word.

Choose your words wisely if you chose to speak. Do not argue or try to plead your case. You do not have to apologize either. But you should address the officer formally and say thank you to the officer for handing you a summons.

First, you should read the summons carefully. The officer must fill out the summons completely and accurately. A traffic summons will also provide you with critical information such as a notation of the traffic law you allegedly violated and your court date. Next, you should gather as much information as you can about the incident. Writing the information down may help you in court a later time. Note the traffic patterns, the speed you believe you were traveling and the manner in which you were operating. Ask your passengers to do the same for you. Taking these simple steps will help you prepare for court if you chose to contest the allegations in court.

What Are My Rights If I Receive A Traffic Summons?

Every motorist summonsed to court for a traffic violation has a choice. You can plead guilty and pay the required fine, or the can exercise their right to contest the allegations against you. You have the right to plead not guilty at your first appearance in traffic court. The success claimed by the State Police may be intended to scare you into pleading guilty in traffic court. But you have the absolute right to contest the allegations. You have the right to be represented by an attorney of your choosing.

Whom Should I Call For Help?

Virginia traffic attorney Patricia Hardt has substantial trial experience defending her clients from erroneous allegations. She will zealously argue on your behalf and work exhaustively to achieve the best result possible for you. Call Virginia traffic attorney Patricia Hardt today at 757-962-5588 to schedule your free consultation.